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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 7 (1987), Issue 2, Pages 131-147

Crystallographical Calculation of Earing in Deep Drawing under Various Conditions

Department of Iron and Steel Engineering, Nagoya University, Furocho, Chikusaku, Nagoya 464, Japan

Received 20 October 1986; Revised 3 December 1986

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Earing in the cup drawing of sheet metals is calculated quantitatively using a crystallographical theory with measured texture data. In the analysis a polycrystalline sheet is simplified to be an aggregate of many single crystals with various orientations, and a crystallite orientation distribution function which is calculated from the measured texture is used as a volume fraction of a certain oriented crystal. The circumferential distribution of radial strain in a flange of a blank being drawn is calculated by considering a restricted glide in a crystal, and then cup height at each peripheral position of a drawn cup is calculated from this distribution of radial strain. For an aluminium, a copper and two steel sheets the calculated cup profiles are compared with experimental ones under various drawing conditions of dimension of a punch, a die and a blank. The result shows that earing in the drawn cup can be predicted satisfactorily by the present calculation for a wide range of drawing conditions and materials.