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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 8 –9

Texture Changes in Pass-Rolling of Steel Rods

1Section of Metallurgy and Materials Technology, Academy of Mining, P.O.B. 47, Freiberg DDR-9200, Germany
2Academy of Sciences of the GDR, Institute of Mechanics, P.O.B. 408, Karl-Marx-Stadt 9010, Germany

Received 8 August 1987

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Neutron-diffraction was used to study the texture development during pass-rolling of rods of an austenitic (f.c.c.) steel X8CrNiTi18.10 and a ferritic (b.c.c.) material X8CrTi17 in a round→oval→round→oval→round groove sequence. The orientation distributions occurring in the core of the pass-rolled rods can be described in a good approximation in terms of orthorhombic sample symmetry and qualitatively interpreted either as press textures on conditions of anisotropic material flow in the plane perpendicular to the press direction or as rolling textures on condition of large spreading. However, though they must be characterized by components {hkl}uvw the pass-rolling textures are not rolling textures in the usual sense.