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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 199-217

Numerical Calculation of Anisotropic Absorption Factors for Lamellar Two-Phase Structures

Department of Physical Metallurgy, Technical University of Clausthal, Germany

Received 19 November 1989

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X-ray diffraction in a lamellar two-phase material is considered. If the lamellae thicknesses are small compared with the penetration depth of the X-rays then the absorption factor depends on the whole path of incident and reflected beam in both phases. Particularly, it depends on a rotation γ about the diffraction vector s additional to the orientation (αβ) of this vector with respect to the sample. Numerical calculations of the absorption factor A(αβγ) have been carried out for different values of lamellae thicknesses D1D2, absorption coefficients μ1μ2 and lamellae orientations ωρ with respect to the sample surface.