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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 14–18

Simultaneous Measurement of Pole Figures by X-Ray Diffraction Using a 2Ɵ-Position Sensitive Detector

Department of Physical Metallurgy, TU Clausthal Großer Bruch 23, Clausthal-Zellerfeld D-3392, Germany

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Pole figure measurement is usually carried out with texture goniometers equipped with a single detector. Thereby defocalization due to the sample tilt is taken into account by using broad enough receiving slits possibly with a defocalization correction. This method does not work in line-rich diffraction spectra with profuse peak overlap, particularly at high tilt angles. In this case the whole diffraction spectrum is needed for each pole figure point {α/β}. The integrated intensities are then to be obtained by a deconvolution procedure. Because of the necessary measuring time this is virtually impossible with a single detector. Using a position sensitive detector complete diffraction spectra can, however, be obtained for each pole figure point in reasonable times. In the present case, a 7º linear position sensitive detector was used. The line broadening as a function of the tilt angle was measured, coordinate transformation formulae for the back-reflexion case are given and it was shown that the so obtained results exhibit smaller experimental errors than the conventional single dctector measurements.