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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 14–18

Effect of Dispersoid Al3Ni on Mechanical Properties and Texture in Extruded Al-Ni Alloys

1Showa Aluminum Corporation, 224 Kaisancho 6-cho, Sakai, Osaka 590, Japan
2College of Engineering, University of Osaka Prefecture 4-cho, Mozu Umemachi, Sakai, Osaka 591, Japan

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The strengthening mechanism of a dispersion strengthened alloy is strongly related to such metallurgical parameters as particle size, volume fraction of particles, interparticle spacing and grain size. Such relationships are described in extruded Al-Ni alloys containing fine eutectic particles and coarse primary particles.

The theoretical values derived from the shear-lag theory and Orowan strengthening are not in agreement with the observed strength. The grain size should also be taken into account.

The effects of particles on the microstructure arise either from the presence of nucleation site at the coarse particles or the pinning of grain boundaries due to the fine particles. The recrystallization behavior is investigated using a textural observation by changing the dispersion parameters. The coarse particles weaken the deformation texture. The relationships between the texture and the dispersion parameters are discussed.