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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 19, Issue 1-2, Pages 75-80

Comparison of Incomplete Pole-Figure Methods for Surfaces Perpendicular to Rolling, Transverse and Normal Directions

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Received 29 May 1991

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Coefficients for a generalized-spherical-harmonic expansion of the crystallite orientation distribution function (ODF) through L=16 were obtained by an incomplete pole-figure method from a deep-drawing aluminum-killed sheet steel sample with surface perpendicular to the sheet-normal direction (ND). These coefficients were subsequently transformed from the RD, TD, ND reference frame to –ND, TD, RD and ND, RD, TD reference frames. Spherical-surface-harmonic expansions of incomplete {110}, {100}, and {112} pole-figures were calculated for each reference frame and used as input data to calculate ODF coefficients for each frame. The thus-calculated coefficients were transformed to the RD, TD, ND frame in each case. Series expansions of pole-figures and ODF for each frame are compared with the initial data.