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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 21, Issue 2-3, Pages 71-78

Texture Analysis of a Zinc Layer on a Steel Substrate Using Neutron Diffraction

Department of Physical Metallurgy, TU Clausthal and GKSS-Research Center, Geesthacht GmbH, Germany

Received 26 June 1992

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This paper describes the application of neutron diffraction to investigate the texture of a zinc layer 8 μm in thickness. In a nondestructive way both the texture of the zinc layer as well as the texture of the steel substrate were studied. Therefore, pole figures of iron ((110), (200) and (211)) and of zinc ((0002), (101¯0), (101¯1); and (101¯3)/(112¯0)) were measured; additionally the orientation distribution function of iron and zinc were calculated.