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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 22, Issue 2, Pages 113-126

Development of a {111} Recrystallization Texture Associated With Dynamic Strain Aging During Hot Rolling in the Ferrite Region

Iron & Steel Research Laboratories, Kawasaki Steel Corporation, 1 Kawasaki-cho, Chiba, Chuo-ku 260, Japan

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Hot rolling in the ferrite region is applied in an extra-low C sheet steel without cold rolling by employing dynamic strain aging. When the amount of solute C is about 10 ppm before rolling, the r-value and {222} intensity ratio of sheet steel annealed after rolling are maxima at the rolling temperature of 773K, during which dynamic strain aging occurs. The {222} residual strain in the specimen rolled at 773K is higher than that in specimens rolled at other temperatures. It is proposed that dynamic strain aging would provide high stored energy in the {111} component of an as-rolled specimen, with the result that the region of high stored energy would recover and nucleate rapidly so that a strong {111} recrystallization texture develops.