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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 24, Issue 1-3, Pages 121-132

Phase Composition, Texture and Current-Carrying Ability of Ag-HTSC-Ag Three-Layer Conductors

1Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Kashirskoe Shosse 31, Moscow 115409, Russia
2All-Russia Scientific-Research Institute of Inorganic Materials, ul.Rogov, Moscow 123060, Russia

Received 10 October 1994; Accepted 20 November 1994

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The regularities of phase changes and texture formation in composite superconductors Ag-HTSC-Ag, produced by electrophoretical deposition, are studied. Depending on phase composition of the initial ceramic powder, cyclic treatment of the composites, including pressing and annealing, results in different development of the basal texture, being necessary for attainment of high critical current density.

The basal texture forms primarily in the phase 2212, which prevailed in the initial ceramic powder and transforms gradually into the phase 2223 during heat treatment. The derivative phase 2223, being of practical interest, shows either heritage or scattering of the basal texture in accord with the liquid phase content in the sample under annealing. Mechanisms of texture development in ceramic phases were proposed.

A diagram for composites Ag-HTSC-Ag, connecting their phase composition and texture perfection with measured critical current density, is constructed.