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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 28, Issue 1-2, Pages 121-128

Calculating Extrusion Textures of the Alloy Mn-Al-C

Institute of the Engineering Science, Urals State Technical University, 91 Pervomaiskaja Str., Ekaterinburg GSP-207 620219, Russia

Received 8 April 1996

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The alloy Mn-Al-C (magnetic τ-phase) has a face-centered tetragonal lattice with the superstructure L10 (Shangurov, Gornostyrev, Teitel et al., 1990). The tetragonal crystal axes c (the directions of the easy magnetization) of the grain lattices of the polycrystal permanent magnet must be preferably oriented along the magnet axis. In the present paper the forming of the axial extrusion textures in the alloy Mn-Al-C is investigated theoretically. The texture inhomogeneity is taken into account by solving the boundary value problem of plasticity.