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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 25, Issue 2-4, Pages 237-244

Electroelastic Field Concentration on Elliptical Pores in Textured Media

Institute of Electronic Technology, Moscow, Russia

Received 24 October 1995

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A method of calculating the tensor operator of the electroelastic field concentration in the vicinity of two kinds of inhomogeneities (pores and crystalline inclusions) is developed. It is assumed that the shape of inhomogeneities is an ellipsoid. The materials of the matrix and/or inclusions have piezoelectric properties. Effective piezoelectric properties of textured polycrystalline media are calculated by means of the general singularity approximation of the theory of random fields. Methods for the analysis of the operators of electroelastic field concentration on the surface of the inclusion are used. The influence of the ellipsoidal pore shape on the tensor operators of electroelastic field concentration is considered. Data are shown in figures.