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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 26–27

The Variation of Strain Ratio at the Tensile Test Described by a Hyperbolic Function

1Aleksander Krupkowski Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Reymonta 25, Kraków 30-059, Poland
2Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Sw. Tomasza 30, Kraków 31-027, Poland

Received 5 November 1995

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The function describing the variation of plastic anisotropy r at the uniaxial deformation ε is a compendium of knowledge on polycrystalline metals subdued to plastic working. In real single crystals r(ε) function characterizes the degree of imperfection of the crystallographic orientation (“texture of a single crystal”). It has been shown that the best fitting function of the r-ε relationship for single crystals as well as for polycrystalline metals is that based on a hyperbolic function.