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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 30, Issue 3-4, Pages 145-153

Pole Figures From Time-of-Flight Measurements Using Neutrons of a Pulsed Spallation Source

1Mineralogisches Institut der Universität Bonn, Bonn D-53115, Germany
2Forschungszentrum Jülich, MIN/ZFR, Jülich D-52425, Germany

Received 1 August 1996

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A new method of pole figure scanning is described, where the number of different sample orientations can be reduced by about one order of magnitude compared to the conventional scanning procedure using monochromatic neutrons at a steady state reactor source. The method is based: (1) on time-of-flight techniques using white neutrons at a pulsed spallation neutron source; and (2) on data collection using a large time and position resolving detector device. The detector allows the simultaneous measurement of many pole figures and reduces the number of sample orientations needed to get complete pole figures. The method has been tested at the spallation source ISIS; examples of pole figure results on natural quartzites are presented.