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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 34, Issue 2-3, Pages 171-179

Texture of Electrodeposited Copper Coatings as Related to Their Substructure, Granular Structure and Surface Morphology

State Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Prospekt Gagarina 4, Dnipropetrovsk 320635, Ukraine

Received 8 October 1999

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Results of comprehensive studies into crystallographic texture of electrodeposited copper coatings are presented in relation to their substructure, granular structure and surface morphology. Quantitative texture evaluation involving anisotropy of substructure characteristics, and determination of characteristics of substructure and granular structure in the axial and random components are addressed. Effects of texture anisotropy of substructure and texture nonhomogeneity of granular structure discovered in copper layers are dealt with. Influence of the deposition current density on quantitative characteristics of oriented structure in copper deposits is discussed. The effects of various thermodynamic factors on texture formation in copper electroplates are considered for the stages of (i) nucleation and (ii) growth of grains in the major component of texture. Anisotropy of shape is also treated for the elements of oriented structure in copper electrodeposits.