Complex chemical, physical, and biological processes mediate nitrogen (N) transformations and movement during agricultural production, making the optimization of fertilizer use and environmental protection exceedingly difficult. Various computer models have been developed to simulate the site-specific fate and transport of N resulting from different crop production scenarios, but these models are very complex and difficult to use for most farmers, consultants, and conservationists. In an effort to facilitate access and simplify the use of sophisticated models, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has developed an Internet-based nitrogen analysis tool. Based on the Nitrate Leaching and Economic Analysis Package (NLEAP), the Web site allows a user to conduct multiyear N simulation modeling specific to a crop field. Servers handle much of the required data assembly and formatting, thus sparing the user�s resources. Model runs are executed on the servers and the results are transmitted to the user. This new tool is presented along with early implementation results.