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Volume 2, Pages 107-121
Theoretical Paper

Ecosystem Management and Ecological Modeling

DFH, Institute A, Environmental Chemistry, University Park 2, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Received 15 August 2001; Revised 2 October 2001; Accepted 31 October 2001

Copyright © 2002 S.E. Jorgensen.


It is the intention of this paper to demonstrate that environmental technology must be supplemented by other tools to be able to solve environmental problems properly. Five cases are used to illustrate the possibilities of ecological engineering, a new engineering field based on ecology, as chemical engineering is based on chemistry. It encompasses restoration of ecosystems, utilization of ecosystems to the benefit of both mankind and nature, construction of ecosystems, and ecologically sound planning of ecosystems from a holistic point of view. Ecological engineering requires a good knowledge of the system properties of ecosystems to be able to fully utilize the possibilities that ecosystem management offers. Models reflecting the ecosystem properties are furthermore needed to be able to quantify the effects of the ecological engineering solutions to the environmental problems. This is clearly demonstrated in two of the five case studies presented in the paper.