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Volume 3, Pages 235-238
Founding Editorial

Founding Editorial — Child Health and Human Development

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Office of the Medical Director, Division for Mental Retardation, Ministry of Social Affairs, Box 1260, IL-91012 Jerusalem, and Zusman Child Development Center and Division of Community Health, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Copyright © 2003 Joav Merrick.


The period of life called childhood is of worldwide interest, and is nicely illustrated by numerous stories about children’s life around the globe in a recent series of books published by John Wiley & Sons as part of the Open University course on “Childhood”[1,2]. Adolescence and later adulthood are also important parts of the human development that shape us and our future generations. In addition to genetics, the conditions and environment during our first few years of life will have a binding impact on the development taking place years ahead concerning our achievements in life, our accomplishments, and our health.