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Volume 8, Pages 446-450
Research Article

Treatment of Highland Frogs from the Two-Legged Stage with Homeopathically Prepared Thyroxin (10-11–10-21)

1Interuniversity College for Health and Development Graz/Castle of Seggau, Austria
2University of Graz, Austria

Received 1 March 2008; Revised 27 March 2008; Accepted 1 April 2008

Academic Editor: Joav Merrick

Copyright © 2008 Gerhard Lingg et al.


The influence of moderately diluted, agitated, i.e., homeopathically prepared, thyroxin solutions (10-11–10-12, final concentration in the basin water 0.6 × 10-15 − 0.6 × 10-25 parts by weight after the first application) on metamorphosis in highland Rana temporaria from the two-legged stage was studied. In accordance with the homeopathic idea of effects of specially prepared dilutions being inverse to those of their mother substances, animals were treated either with thyroxin 10-11–10-21 or analogously prepared blank solution (water). Development was monitored by documenting the number of animals that had entered the four-legged stage. It has been found that animals treated with the thyroxin solutions metamorphosed more slowly than the control animals, i.e., the effect of the homeopathically prepared thyroxin was opposed to the usual effect of molecular thyroxin. The number of test animals that reached the four-legged stage at defined points in time was smaller (2–13.5%) in the group treated with homeopathically prepared thyroxin at the points in time, compared to control. The results in this study sustain the previous multiresearcher findings that show that diluted homeopathically prepared thyroxin is able to slow down metamorphosis of R. temporaria.