The Scientific World Journal / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

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Network Analysis of Functional Genomics Data: Application to Avian Sex-Biased Gene Expression

Table 4

Results of the inparalog group analysis showing the number of groups in the various categories. In total we found 69 groups with at least two inparalogs in chicken. However, only 59 could be processed since expression data were not available for all genes in ten of the groups. The number in brackets in the mixed cluster field is the number of groups that contain both male- and female-biased genes. A significant difference between the observed number of inparalogs and what is expected by chance is indicated by *( ), + indicates a number higher than expected by chance, and − a number lower than expected.

Gonad adultGonad embryoBrain adult

Mixed20 (5)−*19 (1)−*1 (0)−