The Scientific World Journal / 2012 / Article / Tab 5

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Network Analysis of Functional Genomics Data: Application to Avian Sex-Biased Gene Expression

Table 5

Number of MGclus and MCL clusters, number of clusters with significant GO term enrichment, and the level of significant GO term enrichment compared to random. A -score above 2 corresponds to a significance level of .

ClustersSignificantAvg. sig. termsRandom avg. sig. terms


Gonad embryo male6643.5018.72
Gonad adult male242420.589.56
Brain adult male3316.6713.01
Gonad embryo female6631.1716.09
Gonad adult female222262.2323.58
Brain adult female3325.6720.94


Gonad embryo male5530.8016.87
Gonad adult male312918.526.92
Brain adult male669.006.94
Gonad embryo female3316.6710.85
Gonad adult female646427.9710.62
Brain adult female3324.3316.42