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Review Article

Evaluation of Six Patients with Pulmonary Carcinosarcoma with a Literature Review

Table 2

Diagnostic characteristics of the lesions.

PatientTNMStageCellular components of end diagnosisResectionFollowup time (m)Prognosis

1T3N0M0IIBSquamous ChondrosarcomaRight Lower lobectomy10Death

2T3 N1M0IIIASquamous OsteosarcomaRight extrapleural Pneumonectomy9Death

Spindle cell
Right lower sleeve bilobectomy25Alive

4T3N0M0IIBAdenocarcinoma OsteosarcomaLeft lower lobectomy5Death

5T2AN0M0IBAdenocarcinoma ChondrosarcomaLeft upper lobectomy6Alive

6T2BNOMOIIASquamous OsteosarcomaLeft lober lowectomy3Death