Table 2: Selected animal and human therapeutic studies.

Reference number Model Intervention Outcome

[26]Spinal cord injury in ratsIndomethacin and ibuprofen (COX inhibitors)Increased functional recovery and axonal regeneration
[28]Sciatic nerve crush in ratsCelecoxib (COX2 inhibitor)Improved functional recovery
[38]Sciatic nerve crush in diabetic ratsPGE1Improved axonal regeneration
[37]Sciatic nerve constriction injury in ratsPGE agonistDecreased neuronal apoptosis
[35]Sciatic nerve injury in ratsAlprostadil (PGE)Decreased injury and improved functional recovery
[34]Sciatic nerve ischemia-reperfusion injury in ratsAlprostadilDecreased injury
[69]Carpal tunnel syndrome. Human clinical trialTenoxicam (COX inhibitor)No beneficial effects compared to placebo