Table 5: Clinical results with the HELP-LDL apheresis system (B. Braun, Germany) (literature overview).

YearAuthorsDiagnosisHELP patients ( 𝑛 ) Drop outTherapy duration (years)Side effects (%)Outcome

1987Eisenhauer et al. [18]FH, CHD13 0.5–1.3?13 improved
1988Thiery et al. [19]FH, CHD70.5–1.03.27 improved
1991Seidel et al. [20]FH, CHD5151.02.946 improved
1993Bosch et al. [21]FH, CHD ESRD3 (HD)1.513.03 improved
1994Schuff-Werner et al. [22]FH, CHD51122.02.839 improved
1997Jaeger et al. [23]FH, CHD HTX153.65 improved
1998Mellwig et al. [24]FH, CHD9?8 improved
1999Donner et al. [25]FH4??4 improved
2000Schettler et al. [26]FH, CHD18>0.518 improved
2001Moriarty et al. [27]FH40.54 improved
2008 Wang [28]FH, CHD221.022 improved

ESRD: end-stage renal disease and HTX: heart transplantation.