Table 6: LDL adsorption with dextran sulfate (Liposorber LA-15, Kaneka, Japan) in hypercholesterolemia (selection of literature).

YearAuthorsDiagnosisPatients ( 𝑛 ) Drop outTherapy duration (years)Side effects (%)Outcome

1988 Thompson and Okabayashi [29]FH, CHD202.10.519 improved
1992Gordon et al. [30]FH540.2554 improved
1994Daida et al. [31]FH, CHD661.045 improved
1996Kroon et al. [32]FH, CHD212.01.321 improved
1997 Gordon and Saal [33]FH, CHD4540.54.041 improved
Bambauer et al. [34]FH, CHD120356.02.285 improved
1998Mabuchi et al. [35]FH, CHD1306.094 improved
1999Nishimura et al. [36]FH3052.34 improved
Richter et al. [37]FH, CHD83.0–5.06 improved
2003Bambauer et al. [38]FH, CHD328.00.331 improved
2010Moriarty et al. [39]FH, CHD100.510 improved