Table 6: Mean concentration of individual water-soluble vitamins (±SEM) in plasma samples obtained from 24 study participants. Elevate variability in individuals’ vitamin levels may explain high S.E.M.s in the case of B1, B5 and B6.

C (μmol L−1)B1 (nmol L−1)B2 (nmol L−1)B5 (nmol L−1)B6 (nmol L−1)B9 (nmol L−1)B12 (nmol L−1)

Mean ( 𝑛 = 2 4 )44.751.315.632.473.38.55.7
Ref. value [1, 2]24–849–446.2–39N/A7–523.1–181.9–3.5

Ref. values: reference intervals obtained from Malmauret et al. 2002 [1] and from Talwar et al. [2].