Table 2: The common OMV proteins.

Protein access IDProtein descriptionScorepIMassPredicted functionsMembrane domains

(75) gi∣576779GroEL [P. aeruginosa]7845.0457036Protein foldingn, n
(76) gi∣16785590850S ribosomal protein L28 [Haemophilus parasuis 29755]2424.9057645Protein synthesisn, n
(77) gi∣15596780Succinate dehydrogenase flavoprotein subunit [P. aeruginosa PAO1]1756.0463492Tricarboxylic acid cyclen, TM
(78) gi∣15596974OprF precursor [P. aeruginosa PAO1]1664.9837616Major porin, ion transportSP, TM
(79) gi∣15596375OprH precursor [P. aeruginosa PAO1]1079.0021561Response to Mg2+ starvationSP, TM
(80) gi∣15598888OMP precursor [P. aeruginosa PAO1]1039.4528497OMSP, TM
(81) gi∣2626833Chemotactic transducer [P. aeruginosaPAO1]984.8868395ChemotaxisSP, TM
(82) gi∣15599262OprG precursor [P. aeruginosa PAO1]934.8525178OmpW familySP, TM
(83) gi∣15598278Glycine betaine transmethylase [P. aeruginosa PAO1]744.7471360Utilization of choline and glycine betaine as carbon and nitrogen sourcesSP, TM
(84) gi∣15596750Cytochrome c oxidase subunit [P. aeruginosa PAO1]747.7922744Electron carrier activityn. TM
(85) gi∣37522034Glycosyltransferase [Gloeobacter violaceus PCC 7421]708.9647611Biosynthesis of glycoproteinsn, n
(86) gi∣15596166TolQ [P. aeruginosa PAO1]675.9625266Import of group A colicins for envelope integrityn, TM
(87) gi∣15599941 SecG [P. aeruginosa PAO1]655.2113199Protein translocationn, TM
(88) gi∣151545RNA polymerase subunit [P. aeruginosa]634.9530372RNA synthesisn, n
(89) gi∣115523809OmpA/MotB domain-containing protein [RhodoP. palustris BisA53]637.6045685Major nonspecific porinSP, TM
(90) gi∣114563330Phosphoglucomutase [Shewanella frigidimarina NCIMB 400]625.3962288Carbohydrate metabolic processn, n
(91) gi∣15596170OprL precursor [P. aeruginosa PAO1]615.9517914Peptidoglycan-associated OM lipoproteinSP, TM
(92) gi∣15598193Na(+)-translocating NADH-quinone reductase subunit C [P. aeruginosa PAO1]615.6727763Reduction of ubiquinone-1 to ubiquinol and transport of Na+ ionsSP, TM
(93) gi∣15598107TonB-dependent receptor, putative [P. aeruginosa PAO1]606.2480241High-affinity binding and energy-dependent uptake of specific substrates into the periplasmic spaceSP, TM
(94) gi∣162455126Protein kinase [Sorangium cellulosum So ce 56]576.16189825Kinase activityn, n
(95) gi∣15597002Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase D [P. aeruginosa PAO1]574.9968699Protein foldingn, TM
(96) gi∣183602700Site-specific DNA-methyltransferase [Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis HN019]566.2451123DNA methylationn, n
(97) gi∣15600134HflC [P. aeruginosa PAO1]509.4833095Peptidase activitySP, TM
(98) gi∣15599627Iron-sulfur protein [P. aeruginosa PAO1]506.0720815Iron-sulfur cluster assemblyn, n
(99) gi∣15595268Hypothetica PA0070 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]1148.9331697UnknownSP, TM
(100) gi∣15596030Hypothetica PA0833 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]1048.8924698OmpA familySP, TM
(101) gi∣15597431Hypothetica PA2235 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]935.9974519Lipopolysaccharide biosynthetic processn, TM
(102) gi∣15595823Hypothetica PA0626 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]879.6731273Unknownn, n
(103) gi∣15599828Hypothetica PA4632 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]816.9729141ProteolysisSP, TM
(104) gi∣15599183Hypothetica PA3988 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]675.2322870OM assemblySP, TM
(105) gi∣152989513Hypothetica PSPA7_0777 [P. aeruginosa PA7]624.7717484Unknownn, n
(106) gi∣15595830Hypothetica PA0633 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]624.9317528Unknownn, n
(107) gi∣15595812Hypothetica PA0615 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]604.5318939Unknownn, n
(108) gi∣15595813Hypothetica PA0616 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]585.9319410Unknownn, TM
(109) gi∣15599619Hypothetica PA4423 [P. aeruginosa PAO1]516.6965589UnknownSP, TM

TM: transmembrane domains; SP: signal peptide. pI: isoelectric point.