Table 1: Information on locations, seasons of seed collection and local name of the upland rice accessions.

SLAccessionsLocationSeasonLocal name

16040Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Bedor
26041Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Berjer
36043Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Buih
46044Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Gemalah
56045Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Kura
66048Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Piya
76050Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Ulat
86059Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Rengan bembang
96067Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Lumut/Kuku balam
106068Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Padi Kuku balam
116070Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Selayang
126071Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Lalang
137531SabahMain season (MS)Kungkuling A
147534SabahMain season (MS)Bukit
157535SabahMain season (MS)Pagalan
167537SabahMain season (MS)Sibuku
177538SabahMain season (MS)Lapaung
187539SabahMain season (MS)Sanding
197540SabahMain season (MS)Putus tunang
207541SabahMain season (MS)Ruabon
217543SabahMain season (MS)Semiali
227544SabahMain season (MS)Tadaong
237545SabahMain season (MS)Tayakon kecil
247546SabahMain season (MS)Teun
257597SabahMain season (MS)Batangan
267596SabahMain season (MS)Kaca
277595SabahMain season (MS)Turayo
287594SabahMain season (MS)Tarakan
297590SabahMain season (MS)Dinabor
307589SabahMain season (MS)Rangayat
317588SabahMain season (MS)Turakin
327585SabahMain season (MS)Peturu
337576SabahMain season (MS)Pagalan
347571SabahMain season (MS)Turayan
357574SabahMain season (MS)Dedawar
367575SabahMain season (MS)Lelangsat
373824Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Huma kuning lenggong
383825Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Huma wangi lenggong
393826Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Jarom mas
403828Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Kunyit
413830Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Langsat
423831Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Lenggong
433832Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Puteh perak
443834Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Rambut
453833Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Putih
463837Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Tangkai langsat
473838Peninsular MalaysiaMain season (MS)Wangi puteh
483835Peninsular MalaysiaOff season (OS)Rengan wangi
497508SabahMain season (MS)Beliong
507509SabahMain season (MS)Bedumpok