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Antifungal Activity and Composition of Essential Oils of Conyza canadensis Herbs and Roots

Table 2

Antimicrobial activities of the essential oils of Conyza canadensis using agar disc diffusion method.a

MicroorganismsEssential oilAntibiotics
Herbs (8 μg)Roots (8 μg)Piperacillin/tazobactam (100/10 μg)Fluconazole (25 μg)Voriconazole (1 μg)

Enterococcus faecalisNANA25NTND
Staphylococcus aureusNANA30NTND
Streptococcus pyogenesNANA35NTND
Escherichia coliNANA25NTND
Pseudomonas aeruginosaNANA30NTND
Candida albicans1520NT3040
Candida glabrata2525NTNANA
Candida kefyr79NT5050
Candida  parapsilosis 1318NT2830
Candida tropicalis1518NT1812
Cryptococcus neoformans4032NT2535
Rhodotorula glutinis1318NT3030
Trichophyton interdigitalis4040NTNA> 40
Aspergillus fumigatusNANANTNA18

aDiameter of inhibition zone (mm) including diameter of the paper disc (6 mm).
NA: not active.
NT: not tested.