Table 1: Some of the factors affecting the encapsulation process of drugs into alginate beads.


Related with the formulation
Alginate concentration+ EE
+ diameter
−porosity [7]
−release rate
+ swelling
BSA+ EE[5, 8]

Volume of the alginate solutionGliclazide−diameter[7]

Divalent cation concentrationBSA−EE[5, 8, 9]

Crosslinker/alginate ratioNeutral (xanthan gums, ethylcellulose, PVA)Diclofenac sodium + EE [10, 11]
+ swelling
Cationic (chitosan, poli-L-lysine)Proteins Oligonucleotides+ EE[3, 5, 12]
Waxy compounds (Compritol 888 ATO, Precirol ATO 5, Gelucires, glyceryl palmitostearate, magnesium aluminum silicate)Tamsulosin, diclofenac sodium+ EE
−release rate
Anionic (CMC, Eudragit L100, dextran sulphate) and cationicInsulin+EE
+ diameter
−release rate

Surfactant presenceGliclazide−diameter [7]
+ EE

Related with the process
Needle sizeBSA −diameter[5]
Coaxial air volumeBSA−diameter[5]
Drying processBSA[5]

Stirring rateGliclazide−EE [7]