Table 7: Summary of the views of participants towards administrative arrangement.

Participants’ views towards administrative arrangementRespondents with positive responses (Options 4–6)
𝑛 % 𝑛 % 𝑛 % 𝑁 %

(1) Information obtained before attending the workshop188491.3124693.371294.4384292.5
(2) Workshop assigned197796.0130197.374398.5402196.9
(3) Location of the workshop187690.8126894.872896.6387293.2
(4) Reception provided by training team (e.g., traffic arrangement, refreshments, etc.)205399.4131298.174498.7410998.8
(5) Facilities of the venue.195594.6130297.374899.2400596.3
(6) Overall speaking, I am satisfied with the administration arrangement202898.4131998.675199.6409898.7

Note. All items are on a 6-point Likert scale with 1: strongly disagree, 2: disagree, 3: slightly disagree, 4: slightly agree, 5: agree, 6: strongly agree. Only respondents with positive responses (options 4–6) are shown in the table. S1: Secondary 1 level; S2: Secondary 2 level; S3: Secondary 3 level.