The Scientific World Journal / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

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Lipids and All-Cause Mortality among Older Adults: A 12-Year Follow-Up Study

Table 3

All-cause mortality risk and lipid levels in adjusted by sex, age > 75, hypertension, and diabetes (excluded body mass index <20 kg/m2 and early mortality <2 years).

VariableHazard ratioConfidence interval 95%Value of P

Total cholesterol >200 mg/dL0.840.65–1.09ns
Total cholesterol <170 mg/dL1.361.02–1.82<0.05
HDL-c <40 mg/dL1.280.97–1.70ns
HDL-c <35 mg/dL1.340.96–1.85ns
Cholesterol Non-HDL >170 mg/dL0.880.67–1.16ns
LDL-c >100 mg/dL0.830.63–1.10ns
LDL-c >130 mg/dL0.810.62–1.05ns
Triglycerides >150 mg/dL0.890.68–1.16ns
Triglycerides >200 mg/dL0.860.60–1.23ns

HDL-c: high density lipoprotein cholesterol; LDL-c: low density lipoprotein cholesterol; ns: nonsignificant.