Figure 5: Photomicrograph of the hair follicles in the young adult four-striped mice at different levels. (a) and (b) are at the hair bulb level. (a) shows two hair follicles of small and intermediate sizes. (b) is a large follicle compared to (a). (c) shows a large follicle sectioned at the suprabulbar level, in the hypodermis. (d) is a large follicle at a level slightly higher than the suprabulbar level, in the hypodermis. (e) is follicles, in the superficial hypodermis to basal dermis. (f) shows follicles in the dermis at, or above, the sebaceous gland. A: adipocytes; Cc: cuticle of cortex; Ci: cuticle of inner root sheath; Cp: companion layer; Ctf: connective tissue follicle; Cx: cortex; D: dermis; Dp: dermal papilla; He: Henle’s layer; Hm: hair matrix; Hs: hair shaft; Hx: Huxley’s layer; Irs: inner root sheath; M: medulla; Ors: outer root sheath; S: sebaceous gland. Toluidine blue staining. Scale bar: 50 µm.