Table 2: The rooting characteristics of the non-grafted and grafted cuttings “Jinba”.

Batch TreatmentRooting formation days (d) Maximum length (cm)Mean length
Mean diameter (mm)Mean numberMean dry matter (mg)

H1Non-grafted 84.5 a b b b
Grafted 74.8 a a a a
H3Non-grafted 75.2 b a b b
Grafted 65.8 a a a a
H5Non-grafted83.2 a b b b
Grafted 74.5 a a a a

H1: cuttings harvested on June 17; H3: cuttings harvested on July 27; H5: cuttings harvested on September 5; values (mean ± S.E.) labelled with a different letter suffix differ significantly from one another according to Duncan’s multiple range test ( ).