Table 8: Famer’s preference criteria of good kokoro yam cultivar for chips production in the study area and across ethnic groups.

Preferences criteria Study area
(% of responses)
Ethnic groups (% of responses)

Quality of the paste 35.6223.0321.4341.3838.1531.2535.6532.14
Storage aptitude of the chips26.531.9957.1437.9324.523.9622.6128.57
Quality of Wassa-Wassa11.964.117.1403.5422.9213.0417.86
Colour of the paste9.6712.3314.2913.792.76.2513.043.57
Flour richness of the yam chips3.052.747.97.290
Crushing facility of the chips
Taste of the paste4.833.455.2110.443.57
Fast drying7.3525.83.4520.611.044.3514.29