The Scientific World Journal / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Quality of Life in Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health Problems: An Explorative Study

Table 2

Operationalization of QOL domains into indicators by professional and natural network members [19].

DomainsOperationalization by network members and professional workers

Personal developmentEducation on the personal level, work, self-image
Self-determinationIndependency, freedom of choice, freedom, boundary/limitation
Interpersonal relationsSocial contacts, contact with people with the same intellectual capacities, social network, professional support, partner
Social inclusionA normal life, to be accepted by others, going out/trips
RightsTailored care, general rights, privacy, children
Emotional well-beingProximity, structure, appreciation, positive attention, confirmation, to be taken seriously, respecting their own pace, rest and overview, watch out for over-demanding (= asking too much)/be careful for overcharge-Affection, sociability, love, medication, nutrition
Physical well-beingAttention of the physician, coherence between emotional and physical well-being
Material well-beingPrivate space for living, more staff, financial and material resources, responsibility for expenses, status