Table 3: Categorization based on pinhole test results of clay sample stabilized with pozzolan alone, cement alone, and pozzolan plus 1.5 percent cement.

AdditiveCuring time
1 day7 days14 days35 days90 days

Pozzolan 2%D2D2ND4ND3ND3
Pozzolan 4%ND4ND4ND4ND3ND3
Pozzolan 5%ND3ND3ND3ND3ND2
Pozzolan 6%ND4ND4ND3ND3ND3
Pozzolan 8%D2ND4ND3ND3ND3
Cement 1%ND4ND3ND3ND3ND3
Cement 2%ND3ND2ND2ND2ND2
Cement 3%ND3ND2ND1ND1ND1
Cement 4%ND2ND1ND1ND1ND1
Pozzolan 2% + 1.5% cementND3ND3ND2ND1ND1
Pozzolan 5% + 1.5% cementND2ND2ND1ND1ND1
Pozzolan 8% + 1.5% cement

Note and : dispersive; and : nondispersive; and : intermediate.