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Differentiating between Underwater Construction Noise of Monopile and Jacket Foundations for Offshore Windmills: A Case Study from the Belgian Part of the North Sea

Table 2

Summary statistics of the piling activities of monopile A02 and B10 and jacket foundations CB6 and CG3, targeted in this study, as well as the averages and total (where appropriate) for the 56 monopiles installed at the Blighbank (source: Belwind) and the 49 jacket installed on the Thorntonbank (source: C-Power).

Monopile piling activities (pile diameter = 5 m)Jacket piling activities (pinepile diameter = 1.8 m)

Pile lengthm556354m482137
Number of strokes required2114384829821685501332142889476464328
Average energy per strokekJ642839706kJ436321412
Duration of pilingmin641631206779min40516231915646
Net piling frequencyNumber of strokes/minute423940 Number of strokes/minuteAbout 40About 40
Total energyMJ135632242084118909MJ580513763909191531