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Long Noncoding RNAs-Related Diseases, Cancers, and Drugs

Table 1

The lncRNA bioinformatics resources.


NRED [8]Database of lncRNA expression. (
ncFANs [9]Web server for functional annotation of lncRNAs. (
lncRNAdb [10]Database of comprehensive annotations of functional lncRNAs. (
NONCODE [11]Database of integrative annotations of lncRNAs. (
LNCipedia [12]Database of annotations and structures of lncRNA sequences. (
LncRNADisease [13] Database of lncRNA-associated diseases. (
DIANA-LncBase [14] Database of microRNA targets on lncRNAs. (
iSeeRNA [15]The lincRNA transcripts identified from transcriptome sequencing data. (
ChIPBase [16]Database for annotating and exploring the expression profiles in transcriptional regulation of lncRNAs and other ncRNAs. (