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Clinical Study

Y-Shaped Bilateral Self-Expandable Metallic Stent Placement for Malignant Hilar Biliary Obstruction: Data from a Referral Center for Palliative Care

Table 1

Studies on bilateral self expandable metallic stent placement in malignant hilar strictures.

Study Number of patientsType of SEMSTechnical successFunctional successTumor ingrowth
or overgrowth
SEMS patency

Lee et al. (2007) [15]10Niti-S80%100%25%0%/0%217 days
Park et al. (2009) [16]35Bonastent94.3%100%0%0%/0%150 days
Kim et al. (2009) [17]34Niti-S85.3%100%31%10.3%/37.9%186 days
Chahal and Baron (2010) [18]21Flexxus100%33.3%189 days
Kogure et al. (2011) [19]5Niti-S LGD*100%40%20%/—202 days
Kanno et al. (2011) [20]20Niti-S100%95%30%5%/0%250 days
Hwang et al. (2011) [22]30Niti-S86.7%100%38.5%10%/0%176 days
Naitoh et al. (2012) [23]24Niti-S100%100%42%4%/8%104 days
Kim et al. (2013) [24]66Niti-S87.9%100%34.2%12.1%/55.2%152 days
Current study20Niti-S100%100%10%5%/10%210 days

Large cell D-type.