Research Article

Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Regulates LPS Induced Inflammation in Rat Macrophages through Autophagy Activation

Figure 7

Effect of PAI-1 levels on rate of LC3-expressing cells and NF-κB. (a) Representative images of LC3 positive cells in different groups; (b) overexpression and knockdown of PAI-1 affect the rate of LC3 positive cells; (c) western blot autoradiography data with 1 (control), 2 (control and LPS), 3 (PAIsiRNA), 4 (PAIsiRNA and LPS), 5 (pCDH-PAI-1), 6 (pCDH-PAI-1 and LPS), 7 (NC siRNA), 8 (NC siRNA and LPS), 9 (pCDH), and 10 (pCDH and LPS); (d) relative NF-κB protein levels derived with Histone H1 as internal control.