The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Evaluation of Resilient Modulus of Subgrade and Base Materials in Indiana and Its Implementation in MEPDG

Table 3

MEPDG Level 1 for different cohesive soils (  psi, = 6 psi).

Soil type at OMC at OMC at OMC

A-4Lower level289.250.37−0.38
Upper level391.590.6−0.18
Standard deviation102.90.250.19

A-6Lower level270.680.28−0.31
Upper level317.620.37−0.22
Standard deviation67.270.130.13

A-7-6 Lower Level297.420.13−0.28
Upper level361.890.27−0.15
Standard deviation60.50.120.12

Note: 1 psi = 6.9 kPa.