Table 1: Soft tissue points.

Point Clarification

Trichion (Tr)The beginning of the forehead when one lifts the eyebrow
Glabella (Gl)The most prominent point of the forehead at the superior aspect of the eyebrows
Subnasale (subN)Point in the midsagittal plane where the nasal septum merges into the upper lip
Menton (Me)The most inferior point on the soft tissue chin
Stomion (sto)Midpoint of the intralabial fissure
Postaurale (pa)The most posterior point on the helix (outer rim of the ear)
Exocanthion (ex)Most lateral point of the palpebral fissure at the outer canthus of the eye
Endocanthion (en)Most medial point of the palpebral fissure at the inner canthus of the eye
Cheilion (ch)Corner of the mouth
Lateral canthus (LC)Lateral canthus of the eye
Lateral nose (Ln)Lateral side of the nose
Lateral cheek (lchk)Lateral border of the cheeks