Research Article

Adaptive Low-Power Listening MAC Protocol Based on Transmission Rates

Table 1

Types and brief features of LPL protocols.

LPL typeProtocolFeatures

Preamble-based LPLB-MAC [1](i) Performs check time, back-off window size, and power-down
(ii) Utilizes CCA (clear channel assessment)
Wise-MAC [2]Enhanced LPL based on neighbors' schedule
X-MAC [3]Utilizes consecutive short preamble

Packet-based LPLSpeckMAC [4](i) Two types: SpeckMAC-B and SpeckMAC-D
(ii) Transmits consecutive data packet or wake-up packet
BoX-MAC [5](i) Cross layer MAC protocol between PHY and MAC layer
(ii) Two types: BoX-MAC-1 and BoX-MAC-2
MX-MAC [6](i) MAC protocol using CSMA-MPS
(ii) Compatible with X-MAC, SpeckMAC
(iii) Transmits consecutive data packet

Receiver-initiated LPL RI-MAC [7](i) Receiver transmits periodic beacon frame
(ii) Sender transmits data after listening to receiver's beacon
A-MAC [8](i) Utilizes hardware ACK (HACK)
(ii) Based on neighbors' schedule