The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Design and Analysis of Linear Fault-Tolerant Permanent-Magnet Vernier Machines

Table 1

Design parameters of existing LVH and proposed LFTPMV machines.


Number of phases33
Rated speed (m/s)1.61.6
Stack length (mm)120120
Mover length (mm)320328
Number of stator teeth2020
Winding turns per phase232232
Stator pole pitch (mm)1616
Air-gap length (mm)1.51.5
Number of PMs2412
PM materialNdFeBNdFeB
Magnet remanence (T)1.21.2
Magnet relative permeability1.051.05
Magnet volume (cm3)115.257.6
Mover/stator core materialDW465-50DW465-50