Table 1: Examples of power densities of different UAV powerplant components.

Specifications from manufacturers’ websites
Peak power
Power density

Reciprocating engine (two-stroke)Rotax 503 [9]33.2371.11INTA SIVA UAV (SR)
TurbopropHoneywell TPE 331-10 [10]1536714.38PREDATOR B (MALE)
TurbofanPratt & Whitney Canada PW545B [11]34718.32 kN10.86PREDATOR C
(MALE, 741 km/h)
Electric motorElectriFly GPMG4805 Brushless DC [12]1.488.45.68Radio-Controlled Aircraft
Lithium ion batteryANR 26650 Cylindrical [13]2.60Portable high power
H2 fuel cellUTRC Gen 1 [14]1.781.20.675Helicopter mini-UAV
H2 fuel cellProtonex Ion Tiger UAV (NRL) [15]10.5500.550Fixed-wing CR UAV
Solar arraySeveral Manufacturers [16]0.06Spacecraft Applications
WankelO.S. Engines 49-PI Type II 4.97 cc [17]0.3330.9342.8UAV Wankel engine