(1) Set population size SN, the number of maximum cycles MCN and the control parameter limit
(2) Perform Algorithm 2 to fulfill the chaotic initialization
(3) while  iteration ≤ MCN  do
   // The employed bees phase
(4) for   to SN  do
(5) Produce a new candidate food source corresponding to food source using (29)
(6) if  ( )  Then  
(7) else  
(8) end if
(9) end for
(10)Calculate the fitness values of all food source and the probability values by using (27)
    // The onlooker bees phase
(12)while     do
(13) if     then
(15)Produce a new candidate food source for the onlooker bee
(16)if     then  
(18)end if
(19) Set
(20) if   > SN  then  Set
(21) end if
(22)end while
    // The scout bees phase  
(23)for   to SN  do
(24) if   ≥ SN  then
(25)Perform Algorithm 3 to implement chaotic search
(26) end if
(27)end for
(29) end while
Algorithm 4: Modified ABC algorithm.