Research Article

Implementation of Steiner Point of Fuzzy Set

Algorithm 1

Implementations of algorithm.
if is a color image, convert it into the gray
define as a large number to record the image difference, for example,
define as the -cut step with size in , for example,
for from 0 to 1 step
       // -cut image
     compute the convex hull of the object in image , that is,
           := convexhull( )
     calculate the Steiner point of the object:
           := CalculateSteinerPoint( )
          //Here, is the 2-dimension Steiner point
     computing image distance between two neighbor gray:
     record the Steiner point corresponding to the minimum varying image gray:
     if then
           //Record the approximate Steiner point
     end if
end for
Function CalculateSteinerpoint( )
for from 0 to step  1
     compute the external angle of convex polygon at
end for