Table 3: Energy and environmental policy in XY company (wood furniture producer).

(1) Policy
The policy of our company is to manage energy and environmental issues in order to
 (i) Buy electricity, water, and wood material at the most economic costs to avoid unnecessary expenditure
 (ii) Improve cost-effectiveness, productivity, and working conditions
 (iii) Protect the workspace and environment

(2) General objectives
The long-term objectives are to
 (i) Buy electricity, water, and wood material at the most economic costs
 (ii) Use them as efficiently as possible
 (iii) Reduce the amount of pollution, particularly soil pollution and greenhouse gas emissions (caused by our energy consumption)
 (iv) Reduce wherever possible our dependence on fossil fuels through the use of our waste biomass

(3) Immediate aims
In the short term, immediate aims are to
 (i) Gain control over energy and environmental aspects of the business by reviewing and improving metering, operation, maintenance, motivation and training practices,
 (ii) Improve energy and environmental efficiency continuously by implementing effective energy and environmental management  programs that support all operations at customer satisfaction while providing a safe and comfortable work environment.

(4) Action plan
During the coming years, the following activities will be prepared and undertaken
 (i) Program of housekeeping and maintenance
 (ii) Detailed timetable with specified milestones
 (iii) Indication of actions to be undertaken by designated personnel
 (iv) Promotion plan for raising awareness among employees
 (v) Education of employees about how to save energy at work and at home
 (vi) Review and extra promotional campaign
 (vii) Devise plans for monitoring and evaluating achievements
 (viii) Keep employees fully informed about achievements
 (ix) Establish a reward system to recognize efforts of individuals and groups of employees
Our aim is to reduce energy and environmental compliance expenditures by a minimum of 5% each year over the next three financial years.
This policy shall apply to all XY facilities, production units, and employees.
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