The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

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Improving RLRN Image Splicing Detection with the Use of PCA and Kernel PCA

Table 4

Comparison between proposed approaches and other methods.

Feature extraction methodsDimensionalityTP (%)TN (%)Acc. (%)

Expanded DCT Markov [10]10089.9290.2190.07
DWT Markov [10]10087.5885.3986.50
Expanded DCT Markov + DWT Markov [10]10093.2893.8393.55
HHT + moments of characteristic functionswith wavelet decomposition [5]11080.2580.0380.15
Run length and edge statistics based model [13]16383.2385.5384.36
RLRN + kernel PCA (proposed)5090.3886.1888.28