Table 4: Availability and sensitivity of minimum convex polygon (MCP) and 95% kernel density (KD) home range (km2) estimates from acoustically tracked reef fish in Dry Tortugas, Florida from [10] to filtering criteria.

SpeciesDaysDetectionsAsymptotePeripheral effect MCP 95% KD

Red grouperAllAllAllAll442.770.443.260.75
Red grouperAllAllAllLow to moderate223.560.713.821.29
Red grouperAllAllAllLow142.380.650.780.31
Red grouper>30AllAllAll382.040.331.710.43
Red grouper>60AllAllAll331.880.371.330.31
Red grouperAllAllYes or maybeAll322.220.382.390.73
Red grouperAllAllYesAll272.070.411.390.33
Red grouperAll>1000AllAll352.600.502.170.65
Red grouper>60>1000YesLow122.460.760.730.36
Red grouper >30 All Yes or maybe Low to high 28 2.08 0.39 1.74 0.51

Black grouperAllAllAllAll21.441.050.240.12
Black grouperAllAllAllLow to moderate12.480.12
Black grouperAllAllAllLow12.480.12
Black grouper>30AllAllAll21.441.050.240.12
Black grouper>60AllAllAll21.441.050.240.12
Black grouperAllAllYes or maybeAll21.441.050.240.12
Black grouperAllAllYesAll21.441.050.240.12
Black grouperAll>1000AllAll21.441.050.240.12
Black grouper>60>1000YesLow12.480.12
Black grouper >30 All Yes or maybe Low to high 2 1.44 1.05 0.24 0.12

Mutton snapperAllAllAllAll23.923.730.410.18
Mutton snapperAllAllAllLow to moderate17.640.58
Mutton snapperAllAllAllLow0
Mutton snapper>30AllAllAll17.640.58
Mutton snapper>60AllAllAll17.640.58
Mutton snapperAllAllYes or maybeAll17.640.58
Mutton snapperAllAllYesAll17.640.58
Mutton snapperAll>1000AllAll17.640.58
Mutton snapper>60>1000YesLow0
Mutton snapper >30 All Yes or maybe Low to high 1 7.64 0.58

Note: estimates in italics were published in Farmer and Ault (2011). Estimates in bold represent the most conservative filtering criteria explored.